Northern Alberta Addictions Centre - North Zone

Group Service Options

  • Process Group
    This is a group designed for clients with issues related to their own emotional well-being, difficult life events and relationships.
  • DBT Group
    This is a group based on Dialectic Behavioural Therapy, focused on learning skills related to emotional regulation, distress tolerance, relationship effectiveness and mindfulness. Open to adult clients, referred by a psychiatrist or mental health service provider.
  • Depression Group
    This is a group designed to create positive change and provide information about skills and strategies to cope with depression.
  • Bridging Group & Therapeutic Support Group (TSG)
    These drop-in groups are to support adults experiencing mental and/or emotional  difficulties who are “in between” mental health services. The bridging group is designed for those waiting for other services while TSG is for clients who would like to utilize ongoing support with no other planned interventions.
  • Healthy Relationships
    This group is designed to assist individuals in recognizing and understanding the various components of healthy relationships.
  • Anger and Aggression for Men
    Group members explore the origins and effects of their anger, prevention and problem solving techniques, and how to implement behavioural changes in a therapeutic setting.
  • Stress Management
    This group will assist individuals to develop coping strategies and problem solving skills to better manage their stress. Learning relaxation techniques is a major component of this group.
  • Anxiety
    Group members will learn how to understand their anxiety and ways to manage it.

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