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Signs of Stroke

Recognize & React to the Signs & Symptoms of Stroke

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Act FAST because the quicker you act, the more of the person you save. (print poster)


  • Sudden loss of strength or sudden numbness in the face, arm or leg, even if temporary

Trouble Speaking

  • Sudden difficulty speaking, understanding or sudden confusion, even if temporary

Vision Problems

  • Sudden and/or temporary trouble with vision (including loss of vision in one eye or double vision)

Sudden Headache

  • Sudden severe and unusual headache


  • Sudden loss of balance, especially with any of the above signs
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For a description of what this service offers, access and contact information, visit Stroke Program, Edmonton Zone

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What Is a Stroke?

What Are the Symptoms of a Stroke?

Am I At Risk For Stroke?

What Can I Do to Prevent A Stroke?

What is Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)

What Tests Are Done In the Hospital and How Is Stroke Treated?

Recovery from Stroke & Rehabilitation

What Medications Are Commonly Recommended after Stroke?

Driving a Car after a Stroke

Multicultural Information about Heart Disease, Stroke and Healthy Living
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has information and videos about heart disease, stroke and healthy living in languages other than English and for various cultural groups.

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