Frequently Asked Questions

What is the South Health Campus address?

4448 Front Street South East, Calgary, Alberta, T3M 1M4

How do I get to the South Health Campus?

The campus is located at 4448 Front Street South East in Calgary. It is just east of Deerfoot Trail via the Cranston Avenue/Seton Boulevard exit. More information & directions.

Is there a drop-off and pickup area for patients?

There is a 10-minute patient drop-off and pickup lane at the main entrance off of Front Street on the south side of the building. As well, there is a drop-off and pickup lane at the Emergency Entrance off of Seton Boulevard on the north side of the building. This is meant for patients needing to access the Emergency Department.

What entrance do I use to visit my clinic?

You can enter the SHC through the main entrance off of Front Street, the west entrance, or from the parkade. Please refer to the map on the second page of our brochure.

Where is public parking located at the South Health Campus?

Public parking is in the underground parking Lot 1, on Level P1. You can get to it from parkade entrances A (Prairie), B (Forest) and C (Mountain). There is also handicap parking near all elevators. As well, Emergency Parking Lot 3 is available for public needing to access the Emergency Department. On the south side of SHC, by the main entrance, is free parking for two hours on Front Street.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Yes, parking rates apply 24 hours per day. For current parking rates at South Health Campus, please see Public Parking Information.

There are parking pay stations located throughout the campus. All accept cash and major credit cards. You can also buy monthly passes from Parking Services, located on the second floor.

Is there a restaurant or cafeteria at the South Health Campus?

There are three food retail services at distinct locations across the Campus.

Other Food Services on Campus

Hot and cold vending machines are available at various locations throughout the facility.
Microwaves, fridges and eating areas are available in staff lounge areas

Once I arrive at the South Health Campus, where do I go for general inquiries?

Just inside the main entrance, you will find the Information Desk where someone can assist you.

Are there any bank machines at the South Health Campus?

Yes, there is an automated bank machine (ATM) and change machine located on the main level (across from the Wellness Centre).

Can I get to the South Health Campus using public transit?

For more information on schedules, please visit Calgary Transit.

Does Access Calgary drop-off and pickup at the South Health Campus?

Yes. Calgary Access rider's can be dropped off or picked up at either the "South Health Campus Main Entrance" or "South Health Campus Emergency Department".

Can I get a tour of the South Health Campus?

At this time, public tours of the Campus are not being offered.

What services are offered at the South Health Campus?

Services include cardiac, neurological, emergency, critical care, mental health, women's health, general medicine, and surgical services as well as medical and surgical day services. Please visit our Programs and Services page for a list of clinics and services.

What services and resources will South Health Campus have to support patients and families?

There is a Patient & Community Resource Centre, a Knowledge Centre, a Wellness Kitchen and a YMCA within the Wellness Centre on campus.

Spiritual Care Services, Way-finding Services, Information Desk, Volunteer Resources, Interpretation and Translation Services, along with all clinical programs provide Patient and Family Centred Services at South Health Campus.

Has the Campus been designed with older adults and people with physical disabilities in mind?

Yes, the South Health Campus is designed to meet the diverse needs of all patients and families, including those with mobility challenges.

Does the South Health Campus have a wellness or fitness centre?

A YMCA fitness facility is part of the Wellness Centre at the South Health Campus and features a walking track, multipurpose spaces, fitness centre, indoor climbing wall and other amenities.

What kind of programs does the YMCA at the South Health Campus offer?

The YMCA offers a fitness centre, walking track, multipurpose spaces, climbing wall and many other amenities. Please call YMCA Calgary at 403-237-9622 or visit their website.

How much does a YMCA membership cost? Where can I buy a membership?

Please call YMCA Calgary at 403-237-9622 or visit their website.

How can I obtain information on employment opportunities at the South Health Campus?

Postings for the South Health Campus positions will be ongoing based upon each departments needs and in accordance with the overall phasing in of services. All job opportunities will be posted on the AHS Careers website.

How many staff will the South Health Campus employ?

We expect that about 2,400 staff and 180 doctors will work at the South Health Campus by late 2013.

What does the future hold for the South Health Campus?

The South Health Campus has been designed so that it can be expanded in the future.

Where can I make donations to South Health Campus?

All donations to South Health Campus are made through Calgary Health Foundation. To make a donation or to learn more, call 403-943-0615, or email For more information see the website for Calgary Health Foundation.

Does the South Health Campus have volunteers?

Yes, there are volunteers at South Health Campus. Volunteer programs include helping people find their destinations within the facility, helping with patient flow and comfort in the clinics as well as leading staff tours and answering questions about the Campus. If you are interested in becoming a SHC volunteer, please contact Volunteer Resources at .