AHS Virtual Health


Alberta Health Services (AHS) Virtual Health offers tools that support healthcare encounters between clinicians and with patients, including those who are in self-isolation, unable to attend an AHS clinic or are located in rural and remote areas. Our goal is to support quality virtual care - anytime, anywhere.

Please note: AHS Virtual Health services are only available to AHS clinicians and physicians with AHS appointments & privileges.

Virtual Health Tools During COVID-19

AHS Virtual Health is offering Zoom video conferencing to support virtual care encounters between AHS clinicians and their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. This easy-to-use platform is accessible on most computers and mobile devices. The addition of Zoom to AHS Virtual Health’s current tools extends access to patient homes.

Zoom will support virtual care interactions between patients and health care professionals in a range of clinical areas. Its benefits include:

  • Increased access to physician and other health care professionals;
  • Increased visual information and assistance developing the therapeutic relationship between clinician and patient, and;
  • Minimized exposure risk to clinicians and patient

Information about virtual care solutions and clinical practice resources are available for AHS clinicians on the Virtual Health page on AHS Insite, accessible using their AHS login credentials.

Learn How to Effectively Use Zoom for Patient Care

AHS Virtual Health is hosting Zoom webinar sessions. AHS staff and physicians can join knowledgeable facilitators while they guide you through multiple Zoom topics and answer any questions you may have. More info on Zoom for Virtual Care Office Hours Webinars.

Additional Resources


Visit Together4Health to see stories of how we’re delivering virtual care to Albertans.

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Information for Patients

Your healthcare provider will have discussed the virtual video appointment with you in advance. If this is an appropriate option for you, your healthcare provider will send you the appointment information, usually in an email or by telephone. In the appointment information, you’ll be given another way to meet, like a telephone number, in case there’s trouble with connecting on Zoom.