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Hand Sanitizer

novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

We continue to work with our product suppliers and manufacturers as we work through concerns with odor of some hand sanitizer products, associated with the use of technical-grade ethanol in the manufacturing process. This change to technical-grade is temporary, as manufacturers work to find alternatives during worldwide shortage.

Please find further information on the risk associated with use of these products here.

Additionally, beginning May 29, 2020, AHS is labelling any hand sanitizer products that contain technical-grade ethanol, found in its facilities.

You will find labelling on all impacted 400 ml bottles of hand sanitizer, and posters located near all dispensers of impacted products.

Hand hygiene continues to be essential to the health and wellness of our patients and staff. If you choose not to use hand sanitizer labelled as containing technical-grade ethanol, it is critical that you instead wash hands with soap and warm water.

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