Events During COVID-19


Indoor Events

December 8, 2020: No indoor social gatherings are permitted.

Before Your Event

Effective December 8, no indoor social gatherings are permitted in any setting.

If you are hosting an outdoor event, follow the Alberta Health Guidance and restrictions to help Albertans limit the spread of COVID-19 when gathering in groups.

Prepare Your Site

Prepare Your Guests

Obtain Contact Information & Keep Records

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At Your Event

Have a check-in station or set-up at the event, so that you capture a complete list of all individuals who attend the event. This will help you complete contact tracing, should a case of COVID-19 be confirmed in attendance after your event.

If someone shows up with symptoms of illness, kindly ask them to leave the event.

Encourage all guests to practice physical distancing and other public health measures at all times, such as:

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After Your Event: If an Event Attendee Tests Positive for COVID-19

If Alberta Health Services identifies a confirmed case of COVID-19 that was infectious while attending an event you organized, AHS will contact you (the event organizer) and direct you to notify all attendees who are considered exposed to COVID-19.

To support event organizers in managing this notification, we – AHS – will provide you with with written notification that you will be directed to send to all event attendees, by email, within 24 hours of AHS directing you to do so.

Where email addresses are not available and more rapid email notification is not possible, AHS will continue to make phone calls where necessary. AHS will also continue to directly notify close contacts of cases who were exposed outside of any event.

This change will improve the efficiency of the close contact notification process for events that have high risk of rapid spread of illness.

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Organizer Q & A

Q: What does this mean for me as an organizer?

A: As an event organizer, you should collect attendee information, including contact names and email addresses in advance of your event, so that you may contact all of your event participants should a case of COVID-19 be confirmed in an attendee at your event.

Q: What happens if a confirmed case of COVID-19 attended my event?

A: If it is identified that the case attended your event while infectious, AHS Public Health will notify you directly and work with you to identify event-related close contacts of the case.

You will be asked to use your existing guest list contact information to notify all close contacts who attended the event, providing them with written notification and further instructions from AHS.

Q: How will I know what to send?

A: You will be provided with tools and guidance on how to effectively notify those who attended your event.

AHS Public Health will send you an instruction email to follow when preparing to send out the notification as well as the AHS notification letter itself.

AHS will work very closely with you to ensure that not only are you prepared, but also comfortable with sending out notifications to your event participants or guests.

Q: What if I do not have an email address or way of contacting my guest?

A: Where email addresses are not available, group notification is not possible, or further follow up is needed, AHS will work with you to conduct further contact tracing and make phone calls where necessary.

Q: When will I be contacted by AHS or be expected to contact my guests?

A: If AHS identifies a positive case that attended an event. AHS will notify the organizer of the event, and provide that organizer with written notification that the organizer will be directed to send to all event attendees, by email, within 24 hours.

AHS will still make phone calls to other social close contacts of cases who were exposed outside of the identified event.

Q: Why is AHS asking me to help?

A: This approach will help get critically important information to event attendees through the quickest means possible, providing them with immediate guidance on what to do next, to reduce risk of further spread.

Addtional Information

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