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What to do when you call

  • Have the poison container with you when you call
  • Be prepared to answer important questions
  • Listen carefully to instructions
  • Ask the Information Specialist to repeat anything you don’t understand
  • Follow the Information Specialist’s advice

What to expect when you call

Information Specialists will want to know:

  • name
  • gender
  • weight
  • what was swallowed
  • how much was swallowed
  • information from the container label
  • if you’ve had anything to eat or drink since swallowing the poison

The Information Specialist will then recommend treatment such as basic first aid, home-based monitoring, or a referral for immediate medical attention.

Who answers your call?

An Information Specialist with extensive experience in toxicology, a nurse or pharmacist, takes your call. They use medical resources to provide you with the most up-to-date information, best treatment and recommendations in response to toxic exposures. Every poisoning situation is unique and dynamic, demanding intense intervention and follow-up best provided by poison specialists and toxicologists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Poisonings

We are unable to provide information about animal poisonings. For help with animal poisonings contact: