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Zone Name:Edmonton Zone
Test Name:Vitamin E, serum (VITE)
Test Code:VITE
Alternate Test Name:tocopherol
Performing Site: University of Alberta Hosp
Performing Dept:Toxicology
Availability:Test performed within 3 weeks of receipt of sample.
Tube/Container Type:Plastic 5 mL SST Gel No Additive (GOLD) Ref# 367986
Alternate Tube/Container Type:Plastic 4.5 mL Lithium Heparin PST Gel (LIGHT GREEN) Ref# 367962
Min. Collection Volume:2 mL, Neonates 0.7 mL microtainer
Unit of Measure:µmol/L
Reference Interval:< 6 months 5-20
6 months - 11 years 7-25
> 11 years 12-45
Critical Value:N/A
Collection Information:
Protect from light.
Vitamin A and E can be done on the same specimen.
Processing Information (Lab/Referral Facility use only):
Separate and freeze as soon as possible into amber tube or tube wrapped in foil. If separation is delayed (maximum 6 hours), keep specimen refrigerated until processed.
Ship frozen.
Last Updated On:Thursday, May 2, 2013
Date of Last Review:Jun 1 2016 12:00AM