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Program:Genetics and Genomics
Test Name:Chromosome Analysis / Karyotype, prenatal (G&G South ACH)
Alternate Test Name:Constitutional Cytogenetics (G&G South ACH)
Performing Site: Alberta Children's Hospital
Performing Dept:Cytogenetics
Availability:Test set-up routinely Monday through Friday (excluding statutory holidays).
TAT:Amniotic Fluid 2 weeks, Chorionic Villi 3 weeks
Preferred Tube/Container:See Specimen Requirements
Specimen Requirements:For Prenatal Source: Amniotic Fluid, Chorionic Villi or other prenatal specimens
Amniotic or Other Fluid: Chorionic Villi:
10 – 20 mL in sterile centrifuge tubes. 10 – 30 mg in sterile container with transport media.
For possible microarray, minimum of 25 mL split into 3 centrifuge tubes. For possible microarray, minimum of 15 mg.
Min. Sample Required:If unable to collect the minimum as per specimen requirements, contact the laboratory.
Specimen Processing:DO NOT refrigerate or freeze specimen.
Store and transport at room temperature.
Specimen Handling:Transport specimen at room temperature to the ACH Cytogenetics Laboratory B0-150.

Specimens that cannot transported to be received during the Cytogenetics Laboratory hours of operation (Monday through Friday 08:00 to 16:15) should be stored at appropriate temperature and forwarded to the laboratory on the next business day.
Call the Cytogenetics Laboratory at 403-955-2886 to notify that the specimen is being transported.
Additional Information:To order CVS transport media tubes contact the Cytogenetics Laboratory 403-955-2886.

Karyotype on Amniotic Fluid
Amniotic Fluid samples received for Karyotype testing will have the test cancelled and Rapid Aneuploidy Detection (RAD) testing will be performed instead.
If RAD testing is abnormal, karyotype testing will then be added on as a reflex test.
If a sample is received with indicating a family history of chromosomal abnormality or follow up chromosomal analysis, karyotype testing may be performed at the discretion of the Cytogeneticist.

Karyotype on Chorionic Villi
Chorionic Villi will also include RAD testing with karyotype testing.
Requisition/Form:All specimens must be accompanied by a completed Constitutional Cytogenetics Requisition.
Ensure all relevant sections of the requisition are complete.
Comments:For additional information refer to Genetic Laboratory Services webpage or contact ACH Cytogenetics Laboratory 403-955-2886 for questions or priority turn-around.
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