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Program:Genetics and Genomics
Test Name:Sugar (reducing substances) Screen (G&G South ACH)
Test Code:REDSUB-U
Performing Site: Alberta Children's Hospital
Performing Dept:Biochemical Genetics
Availability:Test performed on a weekly basis.
TAT:8 days
Preferred Tube/Container:Random specimen: plain urine container
Specimen Requirements:Collect 5-10 mL random urine.
Min. Sample Required:1.0 mL urine.
Specimen Processing:1. If specimen is transferred to secondary aliquot tube or container, write "urine" on label.
2. Freeze.
Specimen Handling:Transport frozen samples on ice. Samples must not thaw during transport.
Additional Information:Samples will be rejected if:
  • Primary container or aliquot tube received thawed
  • Sample type not written on aliquot tube label
    Requisition/Form:Submit request using Biochemical Genetics Laboratory Requisition.
    Please ensure all required information, including patient's clinical history/indication, is provided on the requisition.
    Order Restrictions:None
    Indications:This screen is a simple and rapid method for the initial investigation for disorders of galactose and fructose metabolism. This test should not be used to monitor known patients on treatment as this is a qualitative test.
    Method:Increased urinary reducing substances (e.g., galactose, fructose, glucose) are detected using Benedict’s test. Positive and negative controls are run with patient samples.
    A positive Benedict’s test indicating the presence of increased urine reducing substances will result in reflexive sugar chromatography testing on the same sample, volume permitting.
    Reference Interval:N/A
    Comments:Contact ACH Biochemical Genetics Laboratory (403-955-7379) for priority turn-around.
    Last Updated On:Tuesday, May 22, 2018
    Date of Last Review:Jan 2 2018 12:00AM