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Program:Genetics and Genomics
Test Name:Phenylalanine / Tyrosine, blood spot (G&G North UAH)
Test Code:BPHTY
Performing Site: University of Alberta Hospital
Performing Dept:Newborn Metabolic Screen & Biochemical Genetics
Availability:Test performed Monday to Friday
TAT:7 days
Preferred Tube/Container:Newborn Metabolic Screening Blood Spot Requisition (card)
Specimen Requirements:1. Ensure that expiry date of Newborn Metabolic Screening card (requisition) has not been exceeded before proceeding with collection.
2. Collect two saturated blood spots on the Newborn Metabolic Screening card.
3. Use a heel poke if patient is less than one year old or a finger poke if older.
4. Could also collect in a Li heparin or Na heparin (no gel) tube at any age and apply whole blood to newborn screening card using a capillary tube. Do not allow the capillary tube to contact the card.. Each blood spot should require less than 100uL of blood.
Specimen Processing:Allow the newborn metabolic screening card to air dry for a minimum of 3 hours.
Write "PHE/TYR" on the newborn metabolic screening card, in the 'NMS use only" box.
Specimen Handling:Ship newborn metabolic screening card in a biohazardous bag at ambient temperature.
Requisition/Form:Submit request using Chemistry Specialty Requisition
Please ensure all required information is provided on the requisition.
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