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Program:Genetics and Genomics
Test Name:Chromosomal Microarray (CMA), tissues (G&G South ACH)
Alternate Test Name:Fetal Tissue Array
Comparative Genomic Hybridization, tissue (fetal)
Array CGH, tissue
Performing Site: Alberta Children's Hospital
Performing Dept:Cytogenetics
Availability:Test set-up routinely Monday to Friday (08:00-16:00)
TAT:6 weeks
Preferred Tube/Container:Plain sterile tube/container with a screw cap
Specimen Requirements:Pathologist to collect a preferred tissue specimen (umbilical cord, skin, spleen, lung, thymus, kidney, or muscle) from placenta or fetus.

For skin biopsy or surgical specimens, collect minimum sample required.
Min. Sample Required:1 cm3
Specimen Processing:DO NOT put tissue specimen in formalin.

Place tissue specimen in sterile container with tissue tranport media. Refrigerate fresh tissue sample.

If only placenta has been received by ACH Anatomical Pathology, a sample of the umbilical cord is preferred over a placenta sample.

If multiple tissue specimens are collected for a patient, when possible ship all specimens at the same time.

For skin biopsy or surgical specimens, DO NOT freeze.
Specimen Handling:1. Ship fresh placental of fetal material to Anatomical Pathology at the Alberta Children's
    Hospital in an appropriate sized container.
2. ACH Anatomical Pathology will forward all fetal specimens to ACH Cytogenetics Laboratory
    in a 15 mL sealed tube with transport media.
3. For skin biopsy or surgical specimens, transport as quickly as possible to ACH Cytogenetics
4. Ship specimens at 4 - 8oC to ACH Cytogenetics Laboratory B0-150.
5. For fetal specimens from outside Calgary, please call ACH Anatomical Pathology for further
    processing and handling information.
Additional Information:To order tissue transport media tubes contact the ACH Cytogenetics Laboratory 403-955-2886.

Placental or products of conception are at risk of maternal cell contamination and will be tested as a last resort if they are the only sample available.
If the ONLY specimen sent are products of conception (POCs): Maternal cell contamination testing may be required to proceed with CMA testing, and may be requested once RAD testing is reported. If required, please submit a maternal blood sample (5mL EDTA and 5mL NaHep) with a Chromosomal Microarray (CMA) requisition form indicating 'for MCC studies'. Please also indicate the fetal patient information on the form.

Any Fetal tissue arriving with a request for only CMA testing, will have pre-analytical Rapid Aneuploidy Detection (RAD) testing added.
Requisition/Form:All requests MUST be submitted on a Chromosomal Microarray (CMA) requisition form.
Ensure all sections of the requisition are complete.

Multiple tissue specimens from a patient require a separate requisition for each specimen.
Order Restrictions:Obstetricians, Pathologists and Geneticists for fetal tissues.
Geneticists, Pediatricians or Pediatric specialist for biopsies.
Comments:For additional information refer to Genetic Laboratory Services webpage or contact ACH Cytogenetics Laboratory 403-955-2886 for questions or priority turn-around.
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