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August 2019 Update

Here is an updated list of physicians in Slave Lake:

  • Dr. Frank Akwa – FCC (Family Medicine, Enhanced Surgical Skills-Obstetrics, Surgery)
  • Dr. Maiada Bassiony - FCC (Family Medicine, Enhanced Surgical Skills-Obstetrics)
  • Dr. Geoffrey Bourke – FCC (Family Medicine)
  • Dr. Fouad Majeed – FCC (Family Medicine, Obstetrics)
  • Dr. Keith Martin – FCC (currently only doing Family Medicine in clinic)
  • Dr. Marili Van Der Merw – on leave, returning in Winter 2019

We are expecting a physician to join us by the end of Summer 2019 following the successful completion of their Anesthesia Assessment.

We currently have two physician vacancies – one General Practitioner with Anesthesia and one Family Medicine – which we are working to fill.

In addition to these physicians, there are two Nurse Practitioners currently providing care in Slave Lake:

  • Jennie Partridge (part-time)
  • Cheryl McDowell (full-time)

Another two Nurse Practitioners are currently on leave, one is scheduled to return in October 2019.

We are currently recruiting four Nurse Practitioners. These positions are posted on and recruitment is ongoing.

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Practicing Physicians in Slave Lake

  • Dr. Dr. Frank Akwa
  • Dr. Maiada Bassiony
  • Dr. Geoffrey Bourke
  • Dr. Fouad Majeed
  • Dr. Keith Martin  

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