Alberta Addiction & Mental Health Research Partnership Program

Alberta Addiction & Mental Health Research Partnership Program

A Collaboration of Mental Health Stakeholders

The Alberta Addiction & Mental Health Research Partnership Program is a multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral collaboration of addiction and mental health service providers, research institutions, government ministries, non-profit organizations, and others who work together to advance mental health research and translate evidence into practice. Our partners recognize that addiction and mental health research is crucial in improving the mental wellbeing of Albertans. Read more »

2016 Addiction and Mental Health Mobile Application Directory
The 2016 edition of the Directory focuses on a range of mobile applications (apps) related to addiction and mental health. The Directory is designed to help health care professionals, researchers, and community members navigate the evolving landscape of health apps by providing examples of electronic resources for different mobile platforms which may be used as aids in mental health or addiction conditions. View the Addiction and Mental Health Mobile Application Directory.

Information for Health Professionals
This series of documents provides information to health professionals about substance use and abuse. The documents are substance-specific and include information about methods of ingestion, effects on the body, dependence and withdrawal, and applicable laws. For more information about opioids like fentanyl and the entire series visit Mental Illness and Addictions.

CRGI Snapshots
CRGI Snapshots are concise summaries of current Alberta research and evaluation regarding mental wellness in seniors and persons with disabilities. These summaries allow you to become familiar with the various research projects under the Collaborative Research Grant Initiative: Mental Wellness in Seniors and Persons with Disabilities (CRGI) without having to read the complete reports. View CRGI Snapshots.

Workplace Addiction and Mental Health in the Construction Industry in Alberta: Phase Two Report
This report examines data from a 2011 Institute of Health Economics study to determine the extent to which addiction and mental health problems were prevalent among workers in the construction industry. The report provides information about prevalence of alcohol use, tobacco use, illicit drug use, gambling, major depressive disorder, anxiety, and suicidal behaviour. Information regarding the availability of employee and family assistance programs and workplace policies related to substance use in the workplace is also included. Read the report.

Research Partnership e-newsletters!
The Alberta Addiction and Mental Health Research Partnership Program is committed to helping you stay up to date with the latest publications, resources, research and knowledge translation tools related to addiction and mental health. We hope you find our addiction and mental health e-newsletters, On the Horizon and Bridging the Gap, informative.

About the Program


To improve addiction and mental health outcomes for Albertans along identified research priority themes, by generating evidence and expediting its transfer into mental health promotion, prevention of addiction and mental illness, and innovative service delivery.

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