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Angel Cradle Program

Offers a safe place for parents to anonymously give up their child.

Service offers:

  • an anonymous safe haven and last resort option for parents who feel they cannot keep their newborn baby

After leaving a newborn baby:

  • a delayed alarm will be triggered after the child is placed in the cradle, to give the adult time to walk away
  • newborns receive a health assessment and a hospital social worker will contact Child and Family Services Authority (CFSA)
  • the baby will be placed in temporary care with Child and Family Services Authority (CFSA)
  • Child and Family Services Authority (CFSA) will make all attempts to identify and locate the parents - they are obligated to do so according to the law
  • the hospital or police will not try to locate the infant's parents as long as the child is not harmed in any way (leaving a baby is not a criminal offence unless the baby is injured)

The program supports the rights of children to know their parental history, and this program is a preventative measure that gives the child a chance to know its history and be reunited if the parent(s) comes forward later. Parents are encouraged to leave health and medical information about the mother, father, and baby.

Contact Details

Grey Nuns Community Hospital

Location Info
Door located outside of the Emergency department
1100 Youville Drive NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6L 5X8
Getting There

Public transportation available

Hours of Operation
24 hour service

Service targeted to:

  • parents with newborn infants
  • who feel they have no other options
Service Access

To access service:

  • pamphlets are located inside the Angel Cradle that explain the process thoroughly and provide more contacts for information, help, and support


  • an enclosed cradle is located behind the door (located outside of the building)
  • the parent leaving an infant can place the child inside and secure the door shut
  • once the door has been secured for 60 seconds, an alarm sounds in the Emergency department. This signals a nurse to go look through the digital peephole to make sure there is no sign of another adult, ensuring the privacy of whomever is placing the infant inside

Service Locations