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Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Program - Postpartum Screening

After the birth of your baby in a hospital or birth centre, a health care provider will offer to have your baby's hearing screened. A referral or appointment is not needed.

With your consent, your baby's hearing screening will happen before your baby leaves the hospital. The results of your baby's hearing screening and any follow up needed will be shared with you.

Your baby will be referred to Community Hearing Screening if:

  • your baby is discharged from hospital or birth centre before hearing screening can take place
  • your baby is born at a hospital or birth centre that does not offer hearing screening
  • your baby is not born in a hospital or birth centre

For more information on screening in the community, see the service type Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI) Program - Community Hearing Screening.

Hearing screening is the best way to find out if your baby has hearing loss.

Hearing screening is quick, safe, and will not hurt your baby. Your baby's hearing is important for many areas of child and brain development. Hearing loss can delay your child's speech, learning and social skills.

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Hours of Operation

After the birth of your baby, a health care provider will offer to have your baby's hearing screened.

Service Providers May Include
audiologists, licensed practical nurses (LPNs), registered nurses (RNs)

All babies born or living in Alberta are offered screening for permanent hearing loss within 90 days of birth. It's best to have your baby's hearing screened before they are 1 month old. Newborn hearing screening is free. Additional eligibility requirements are based on your baby's age and health status. If your baby is born with bilateral aural atresia or presents with meningitis, they will be referred to Audiology Services for a diagnostic ABR assessment.

Service Access

Newborn hearing screening is offered by Alberta Health Services (AHS) through the Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI) Program. Newborn hearing screening service is offered on all Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and most hospital or birth centre postpartum units before discharge and by appointment at many community-based hearing screening sites.

  • a referral is not required for newborn hearing screening within 90 days of birth
  • if you are concerned about your baby's hearing after 90 days of birth, ask your health care provider to make a referral to the nearest AHS Audiology Service site
  • babies who pass hearing screening and have risk factors for hearing loss will be referred for a follow-up hearing test at 6 to 8 months of age
  • babies who do not pass their hearing screening test will be referred for a diagnostic ABR assessment to rule out or confirm hearing loss

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