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General Genetics Clinic

Provides assessment, diagnosis and counselling, as well as screening and management recommendations, to Albertans across their lifespan (pre-conception, newborn, pediatric and adult) affected, or at risk for an inherited genetic condition(s), birth defects and rare diseases.

An appointment is with a clinical geneticist and / or genetic counsellor, depending on the reason for referral.

Telehealth is available for Southern Alberta residents.

A consultation may involve:

  • a review of the patient and / or relevant family members’ medical and family histories
  • a physical examination of the patient, and possibly relevant family members such as parents and siblings
  • investigations, such as medical imaging and blood work for genetic testing or other indications
  • referrals to other medical specialists
  • genetic counselling to provide patients and their family members with information about the specific genetic condition that they have or are at risk for
  • genetic counselling to support patients and their family members in making informed decisions about testing and screening options
  • genetic counselling to identify additional family members who may benefit from a genetic assessment.

Ward consults are provided at all tertiary hospitals by the geneticist is on call 24 / 7 in Calgary and Edmonton.

For more information visit the Clinical & Metabolic Genetics website.

Service Providers May Include
genetic assistants, genetic counselors, medical geneticists, registered nurses (RNs)

This service is available to individuals who are affected or at moderate to high risk for inherited genetic conditions. A genetic risk assessment is based on the individual's medical and family history.

Service Access

Healthcare providers should consult the Alberta Referral Directory for service referral information.

Service Locations
Also Known As
General Genetics, General Genetics Clinic, Genetic Metabolic Clinic, Inherited Metabolic Disorders Clinic, Medical Genetic Services