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2014 AHS Workforce Engagement Survey Results

Over a four week period this fall, AHS invited all AHS employees, medical staff and volunteers to complete the 2014 Workforce Engagement Survey. The survey is one way we gather feedback from our workforce on what they need in order to feel engaged.

Why does engagement matter? Best practice engagement research in healthcare demonstrates a strong correlation between high workforce engagement and quality of work, productivity, and safety.

We believe that our workforce is naturally motivated to deliver and support quality care for our patients, want to be engaged by AHS, and that the goal across all levels of AHS is to support and encourage workforce engagement.

The 2014 survey shows an overall engagement score of 53 per cent, which is on par with 2012 results. The score means 53 per cent of survey participants responded affirmatively to a series of six statements, such as “AHS inspires me to do my best work” and “I would recommend AHS to a friend as a great place to work.” Almost 36,000 responses were collected, representing 31 per cent of the total AHS workforce.

This is the third Workforce Engagement Survey since AHS was formed and we are seeing positive trends in most of the areas measured. For instance, employee engagement increased in trust for their immediate supervisor. For our medical staff, the survey highlighted that teamwork is by far the most positive aspect of their work experience, followed by local medical leadership. For our volunteers, nine in 10 volunteers consider themselves happier and healthier because they volunteer.

This survey result is a foundation from which AHS can build. We know there is more work ahead to ensure that AHS workforce is informed and engaged. We heard we need to improve on creating a shared vision for our organization and to continue to focus on innovation.

Moving forward, we will continue to build stability within AHS and improve engagement among our workforce at all levels. In the coming weeks we will reach out to employees, physicians and volunteers to provide input on action plans to improve engagement.

We thank employees, volunteers and physicians for taking time to participate in the survey and providing us with thoughtful feedback.


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