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AHS working to make Calgary parking system more convenient

AHS is committed to ensuring our patients get the best care possible when they visit our hospitals and healthcare facilities, and that extends to families and friends who are there to support their loved ones.

We acknowledge that changes to the parking system at Alberta Children’s Hospital has caused some concern for patients and families. We apologize for that, and are working to ensure those concerns are addressed.

We had planned to introduce the new parking system at the same time as a new AHS parking app, which would make parking easier – and in some cases, cheaper – for patients and families visiting Alberta Children’s Hospital.

However, construction timelines at the new ACH parkade (adding 500 new stalls) meant we had to roll out the new payment system earlier than anticipated, before the parking app was ready for public use.

We recognize that this has caused some concern, and know that the current system is not as convenient as it should be. We are confident that our new parking app will significantly improve the way patients and families pay for parking at our sites.

The new parking app will allow people to pay right from their phones, receive time expiration alerts and extend their parking without having to return to the meter. This will help guests and patients who are unsure how long their hospital visit may last. We are fast-tracking the new app, and hope to have it available spring 2019.

We recognize that paying for parking can be an extra financial burden on our staff, visitors and guests and to compensate for that we try to keep parking rates below or near fair market value.  As well, AHS provides compassionate parking passes to people facing financial hardship on a case-by-case basis.

It is important to note that AHS does not use money tagged for healthcare to pay for maintenance and construction of parking facilities. Healthcare dollars are used for healthcare, not parkades.  Because of that, parking must be self-sustainable.

AHS does not make a profit from parking fees.  Find out more.  


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