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Vaccine waste mitigation strategy

Even as we currently face a limited supply of vaccine, we continue to strive to immunize as many people as we can. With the vaccine shortage in mind, it is more important than ever that we avoid wasting any vaccine.

Our public health immunizers have been working to ensure there is minimal wastage by only preparing the amount of vaccine needed for appointments booked that day. On rare occasions, a small number of doses may remain at the end of the day that need to be used within a short time period.

That why we have updated our COVID-19 vaccine waste mitigation strategy to ensure we continue to roll out the vaccine to Albertans as quickly and efficiently as possible and minimize the number of doses that are left unused.

Joining me on the vlog to tell us more are:

  • Dr. Kristin Klein, Medical Officer of Health for Provincial Population and Public Health
  • Andrea Thain Liptak, Executive Director, Public Health, Primary Care, CDM, CRS, Allied Health and CAS.

Kristin and Andrea share how we can prevent vaccine waste and how we prioritize who receives any leftover doses at the end of the day.