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Reducing diagnostic imaging wait times

Today, I want to talk about the important role our Diagnostic Imaging team plays in the lives of all Albertans. They do fantastic work, performing more than 2.9 million exams every year at 130 facilities across Alberta.

They are also projected to complete nearly 486,000 CT scans this year – an increase of 58,000 from last year.

But one thing we’ve heard from Albertans is that wait times to access diagnostic services like MRIs and CT scans are too long. We know how important it is for patients to receive timely access to these services, and to get their test results as quickly as possible.

We are working to improve this very important service through our new CT and MRI Plan, which will focus on minimizing wait-times, decreasing costs, and better managing the demand for these services.

Joining me to tell us more are:

  • Dr. Mark Joffe, Medical Director, Northern Alberta
  • Mauro Chies, Vice President, Cancer Care AB & Clinical Support Services

Mark and Mauro share the work the diagnostic imaging team is doing, the challenges they face, and more details on the CT and MRI plan.