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An update on capital projects

Every year, AHS sends Alberta Health and Alberta Infrastructure our Capital Submission list, which identifies our top priority major capital projects.

The submission provides advice to government to help inform funding decisions, and these projects help us build a high-quality, stable health system that supports the well-being of Albertans.

The government’s 2021 budget provides $2.2 billion for health infrastructure projects, including continued investment to complete ongoing projects such as the Calgary Cancer Centre, the Gene Zwozdesky Centre at Norwood and the new Edmonton hospital. It also provides funding for new projects, both urban and rural.

Joining me to tell us more about some of these projects are:

  • Michael Suddes, Executive Director, Foothills Medical Centre
  • Mauro Chies, Vice President, Cancer Care Alberta & Clinical Support Services, and
  • Dean Olmstead, Acting Chief Program Officer, Capital Management.

Michael, Mauro and Dean discuss how we decide which capital projects to move forward and highlight some of the new urban and rural capital projects.