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The ICU experience

This week I would like to talk about the incredible work being done  in our ICUs, which has been vital to Alberta’s COVID-19 response.

Our ICU teams have been incredibly busy – especially in May, when we hit a record of 184 patients in the ICU. Albertans depend on our ICU staff and their specialized skills to be there for them when they are needed.

And despite the often difficult and stressful circumstances the pandemic has brought, our ICU staff have continued to show their resilience and provide safe quality care to patients, no matter the circumstance.

To give you a better idea of what  working in the ICU during a pandemic is like, I’ve invited three guests to share their experience:

  • Shalayne Grainger, Registered Nurse, Northern Lights Regional Health Centre ICU
  • Dr. Curt Johnston, Deputy Zone Medical Director, Edmonton Zone, and one of our medical advisors in the Acute Care Node of the Emergency Coordination Centre
  • Rhonda Laroy, Lead Respiratory Therapist, Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre ICU