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The Importance of Recognition

If there’s been one constant throughout the history of AHS, it’s the dedication, compassion and professionalism of our people. This has been especially true during the pandemic.

You provide the very best care to patients across the province, and also do your very best to support one another. Albertans see this every day, and share their appreciation on social media, on our Share the Love webpage, and in their emails to us.

What’s just as important is the recognition and appreciation we share with and for each other. Whether it’s a simple ‘thank you,’ a note in this weekly update, or a long-service recognition event, these things matter. In fact, they are essential.

Our Recognition Services team supports these efforts across AHS, and here with me today to talk about their work, and the importance of recognition are:

  • Thora Eyford, Senior Lead, Talent Management Strategies.
  • Louise Poole, Senior Advisor, Talent Management Strategies.

Visit the Recognition Services webpage to find ways to share gratitude with one another and recognize your peers for their excellent work.