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Alberta Surgical Initiative

Timely access to surgeries is important to Albertans, and no one should have to wait longer than clinically recommended for their surgery. AHS, in partnership with Alberta Health, developed the Alberta Surgical Initiative to ensure all Albertans will receive their scheduled surgeries within clinically appropriate targets.
We’re focusing on improving the patients’ surgical journey, from the time patients seek advice from their family doctor, to when they are referred to a specialist, to their surgery and their rehabilitation. We’ll accomplish this through a five-step plan that will manage capacity and improve the patients’ journey to receiving surgery.
Joining the AHS Vlog to talk about this five-step plan and the recent announcement from the Government of Alberta about new contracts with ophthalmology chartered surgical facilities in Edmonton and Calgary zones, are:

  • Dr. Francois Belanger, Vice President, Quality and Chief Medical Officer
  • Stacey Litvinchuk, Senior Provincial Director, Provincial Surgery Utilization, Alberta Surgical Initiative