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A Conversation with a Living Donor

Each year, living donor transplants save the lives of hundreds of Canadians awaiting a liver or kidney transplant. Living organ donation offers a shorter pathway to better health with shorter wait times and better health outcomes.

What you might not know is that AHS has a Living Organ Donor Wage Replacement Policy that grants employees a paid leave of absence and continuation of benefits to help reduce the economic hardships associated with living donation.

Recently, I (Mauro) had the chance to sit down in person with Anne Halpin, a laboratory scientist with Alberta Precision Laboratories, who shared her inspiring story about donating a kidney and how she was supported by the policy.

If you want to learn more about the Living Organ Donor Wage Replacement Policy, check out the FAQs for employees and managers. For information on organ and tissue donation, as well as living donation, visit the MyHealth.Alberta.ca.