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Patient Information
Basal Insulin Dosing
Bolus Insulin Dosing
Bolus not required! Patient is NPO.
Insulin Correction

Insulin doses should be reviewed every 1 to 3 days and adjusted according to the patients blood glucose values to achieve effective in-target blood glucose control (5-10 mmol/L). If targets are not being met, insulin doses should be titrated by 10% to 20%.

If the patient's fasting glucose in the morning is consistently high (above 8 mmol/L), the qhs basal dose should be increased by 10% to 20%.

If a recurrent correction dose is needed at a given meal due to a consistently elevated blood glucose, then the correction dose amount should be added to the PREVIOUS meal's bolus dose!

If a patient develops hypoglycemia (blood glucose < 4 mmol/L), use the provincial hypoglycemia protocol. The most responsible healthcare provider should be notified to review the blood glucose values with the patient. Please follow these titration instructions.



Though BBIT relies on safe calculation to establish insulin doses, it does not replace clinical judgment!