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Programs & Services

Indigenous Hospital Support Services

Facility-based indigenous cultural support to improve the quality of health care delivery to Indigenous patients through direct patient support.

What we can do:

  • support Indigenous

Patients incorporate their traditional and spiritual practices during their hospital stay. We recognize all faiths and can connect you with the appropriate support you may need.

  • help the patient and their family feel comfortable in the hospital and provide support during the hospital stay
  • translation services
  • make referrals on/off reserve. Provide resource/contact information on Indigenous specific resources
  • smudging
  • coordinate use of ceremony room
  • help plan and support the patients discharge from the hospital
  • cultural consultation
  • consult with healthcare providers about Indigenous centred practices and care
  • advocate for the patient and their families

Service Providers May Include
aboriginal health liaisons

First Nations (Status and Non-Status), Metis and Inuit people and their families.

Service Access

Speak to your healthcare provider for a referral to the Indigneous Hospital liaison program or contact the onsite hospital Indigenous hospital liaison services.

Service Locations
Also Known As
Aboriginal Liaison Program, Indigenous Cultural Helper Services, Indigenous Health Coordinator Services, Indigenous Hospital Liaison Services, Indigenous Wellness Coordinator / Indigenous Hospital Liaison Services
First Nations Health Liaisons Coordinator, Hospital Liaison and Traditional Wellness Counsello