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Alberta Breast Cancer Screening Program

 Location: Alberta Wide

The Alberta Breast Cancer Screening Program (ABCSP) is a provincial screening program that works to increase the number of women, aged 50 to 74, who have regular breast cancer screening using mammograms (breast x-ray). The program also works to help educate individuals about the importance of breast cancer screening Getting Screened is the best way to find breast cancer early, when treatment has the best chance of working.

Services include:

  • working with healthcare providers to support women, aged 50 to 74, in getting breast cancer screening across the province
  • providing breast cancer screening information and education to eligible women and healthcare providers
  • sending screening invitations, results, reminder and follow-up letters to eligible women
  • working with healthcare providers to contact women who have been screened or who are eligible to be screened.

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Where are mammography services offered?

  • Alberta Health Services (AHS) Screen Test uses 2 mobile trailers to provide mammograms to women in over 120 communities in rural Alberta
  • community clinics operated by the Alberta Society of Radiologists throughout Alberta
  • hospitals and community health centres operated by AHS. To find a clinic or to book a mammogram, visit

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Hours of Operation
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Service Providers May Include
radiologists, radiology technologists

Based on Albertan recommendations (guidelines):

Women, aged 50 to 74, who live in Alberta and have no symptoms or personal/family history are eligible for regular breast cancer screening using mammograms every 2 years.

If you're between the ages of 50 and 74, you're automatically included in the program. Once you turn 50, and if you haven't had a screening mammogram in Alberta already, the ABCSP will send you a letter letting you know that you're at an age when screening is important and inviting you to get screened.

Service Access

For ages 50 to 74: you can book a screening mammogram without a referral or requisition. Some clinics may need you to give your healthcare provider’s name in order to book a mammogram. This is so that the clinic knows who to send results to and who will do the follow-up, if needed.

For ages 40 to 49: you'll need a referral or requisition from your healthcare provider for your first screening mammogram. After that, you can book future mammogram appointments by providing the name of your healthcare provider.
For ages 75 and older: if you choose to continue screening, you'll need a referral from your healthcare provider.

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Alberta Society of Radiologists

Also Known As
Alberta Breast Screening Program, Mammography Services