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Programs & Services

Alberta Healthy Living Program

The Alberta Healthy Living Program provides services to those living with chronic conditions in communities throughout Alberta.

Due to COVID, some programs may be offered via Zoom.

Alberta Healthy Living Program (AHLP) services provided vary slightly from Zone to Zone. Services include information, education, techniques, and support to help improve your health and quality of life with a chronic condition. The program is based on a model that includes:


Health Education:

  • Managing Diabetes - Learn self-management skills to deal with Type 2 or Pre-diabetes. Learn what diabetes is, why and how to monitor blood sugar, how medications for diabetes work, and what foods affect blood sugar.
  • Heart and Stroke - Learn how to manage high blood pressure and cholesterol levels; as well as how your lifestyle choices can reduce the risk of heart problems.
  • Managing Emotional Eating - What influences your eating behaviours? Build skills to help understand and manage the triggers of emotional eating.
  • Weight Management Learn effective way to manage weight. Sessions include healthy eating habits, stress management, physical activity and goal setting.



Better Choices, Better Health® - This 6 week workshop is for those interested in gaining confidence and building skills to manage their long term health conditions. Sessions include dealing with pain, managing medication, sleep concerns, problem solving and action planning. Family members and support people are welcome to attend.

For more information see Better Choices Better Health


Exercise Programs:

Group exercise with support from an exercise specialist that includes a personal assessment, and a program of activities that can be continued at home. Activities focus on strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.


Specialty Care / Clinics:

Grande Prairie Adult Bariatric Specialty Clinic  provides medical, psychological and pre / post-surgical interventions for weight management and improving health. Support is provided to individuals with obesity who require complex medical management and / or surgical intervention. Doctor referral required.


Diabetes Prevention and Wellness Program provides one to one counselling and follow-up sessions, group classes and support for children and adults living with either Type 1, Type 2 and / or gestational diabetes.

Insulin pump - learn about insulin pump therapy, how to use an insulin pump effectively and how to access the insulin pump therapy program in Alberta.

For more information please visit our website: Alberta Healthy Living

Service Providers May Include
dietitians, kinesiologists, registered nurses (RNs), respiratory educators

Adults 18 years and older looking to:

  • Improve health
  • Prevent or manage an ongoing condition.

Family members and friends are welcome!

Service Access

Healthcare providers should consult the Alberta Referral Directory for service referral information.

Patients can self refer by calling the toll free registration number.

Service Locations