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Be Your Own Boss

A self-management support program for teens and young adults living with long-term illness or chronic condition(s). Enables youth to learn self-management skills to support living a healthier lifestyle.

As they progress to adulthood, teens living with long-term illness may be facing challenges in their transition

  • to making more of their own decisions and following through with responsibilities as an adult
  • to accepting and embracing life with a chronic condition or disability
  • from the pediatric health care system to the adult health care system

When they have a chronic illness or condition, they also have the added challenges of learning:

  • how to look after their condition -- all the appointments, medicine, food and physical activity restrictions and the symptoms associated with having a chronic condition
  • how to carry on with school, homework, relationships with friends and family, and still keep up a social life and take part in activities
  • how to handle the difficult emotions that come with living with chronic illness

There is 1 workshop per week for 6 weeks. This program helps this group learn self-management skills in a supportive, fun environment with others their age. Includes:

  • workshop supplies such as activity sheets, handouts, notebooks, and a relaxation CD
  • sessions that are led by young adults living with chronic illness and who have successfully gone through the same challenges

Teens and young adults 14 to 24 years with a chronic health condition who would benefit from learning new self-management skills in a supportive group setting are invited to register. Existing groups of teens and young adults can also host a workshop series for their own members.

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780-401-2665 (BOOK) (Central Access), 780-735-1080 (Program Information)
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8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Workshop locations, dates and times vary. Call for more detail.


Ages 14 to 24 years and living with a chronic health condition.

Friends and siblings within the age group are also invited to accompany; must also register and commit to attending all 6 workshops.

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Call for more information.

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