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Neuropsychiatry Services - Child and Adolescent Addiction and Mental Health Specialized Services

Offers services to children and adolescents from 0-18 years who have complex neurological medical disorders combined with mental health disorders. Subspecialty clinic for previous concussion diagnosis with residual mental health disorder and/or behavioural issues.

Works with client, family and other professionals currently involved to integrate care by;

  • coordinating case conferences
  • providing consultation
  • providing assessments as required

 Interventions may include;

  • multidisciplinary team assessment
  • psychiatric assessment and medication management
  • consultation to community resources for schools
  • psycho-education
  • individual, family, group intervention

Service Providers May Include
family counsellors, occupational therapists (OTs), pharmacists, psychiatrists, psychologists, registered nurses (RNs), social workers (SWs), speech-language pathologists (SLPs),

Clients must be between the ages of 0 - 18 years and have a co-occurring neurological disorder and mental health disorder.

Service Access

Healthcare providers should consult the Alberta Referral Directory for service referral information.

Service Locations