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Early Childhood and Perinatal Mental Health

ECAP has 2 main programs: Early Childhood - Provides short-term, parent-child relationship based therapy to children aged 0 to 5 and their families. Perinatal- Provides therapy to prenatal/postpartum parents 24 weeks gestation to 12 months post-partum who are experiencing distress related to their mental health.

Our goal is to support parents and young families from pregnancy through the early years of childhood. We have 2 main programs: Perinatal Mental Health and Early Childhood Mental Health.

Early Childhood

We will support you and your child in your home, at our office, and/or in your community.

We offer:

  • in-person, telephone and virtual (Zoom) sessions
  • parent-child relationship based therapy
  • parent groups (i.e. Circle fo Security, Child-Parent Relationship Therapy)

The first sessions of therapy with ECAP serve three purposes:

  1. to better understand the challenges your child and family may be facing and the strengths you have to address those challenges
  2. to ensure that our program is the right fit for your family based on your concerns and goals and
  3. to make recommendations about programming options, which may include:
  • an opportunity to more deeply explore the challenges and strengths of your child and family to better determine the support you may need. We may invite other professionals from our team (Speech-Language Therapist, Consulting Psychologist) into your care in order to best understand your child’s needs
  • in-home, at our clinic, community, or virtual sessions with a Therapist to support you in further developing and understanding the relationship with your child to meet your goals
  • in-person and virtual Parenting groups to develop a better understanding of yourself, your child and the relationship you have with your child.

Perinatal Mental Health

A brief therapy program for people between 24 weeks gestation and 12 months postpartum. Our clients come to us seeking support to cope with symptoms of anxiety or depression, grief, loss, difficulties related to their birth experience, among other challenges that are affecting their sense of wellbeing and journey into parenthood.

Contact Details

East Calgary Health Centre

4715 8 Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2A 3N4
Getting There

Public transportation available

Hours of Operation
Days of the Week

8:00 am - 4:30 pm

8:00 am - 4:30 pm

8:00 am - 4:30 pm

8:00 am - 4:30 pm

8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Service Providers May Include
consulting Psychologists,family counsellors, speech-language pathologists (SLPs),

Early Childhood Mental Health

  • referred by a doctor, agency, or other professional
  • newborn to kindergarten entry
  • client not more appropriately seen elsewhere (i.e. primary speech and language therapy)
  • caregiver voluntarily consents to participate in service
  • no presenting factors which would impede engagement in service (e.g. homelessness, active substance abuse, active family violence, etc.)

Perinatal Mental Health

  • 24 weeks gestation to 12 months post-partum
  • client voluntarily consents to participate in service
  • no presenting factors which would impede engagement in service (e.g. homelessness, active substance abuse, active family violence, etc.)
  • no active psychosis or bipolar disorder
Service Access

Healthcare providers should consult the Alberta Referral Directory for service referral information.

Referrals can be made by any professional in the community.

Wait Times

An estimated wait time will be provided at the time of appointment booking.

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