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Programs & Services

Labour and Delivery - Obstetrical Triage

Provides assessment, monitoring and care of pregnant women with pregnancy related concerns and labour.

Cares for pregnant women, which includes: 

  • checking for signs of labour
  • checking for ruptured membranes
  • updating your doctor
  • non-stress tests
  • transfer to other healthcare facilities as needed
  • repositioning your baby from breech or side-lying while in the uterus (external cephalic version)
  • ultrasounds
  • inducing labour (as an outpatient if possible)
  • treating with medicines (e.g., WinRho, betamethasone) 
  • investigating other pregnancy related concerns (e.g. High blood pressure, urinary tract infections, bleeding, reduced fetal movement, etc.)

Service Providers May Include
family doctors, obstetricians, registered nurses (RNs)

For women at least 20 weeks pregnant.

Service Access

Some pre-scheduled services including Non-Stress Tests and Induction of Labour.

Service Locations