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Immunization - Records Request

 Location: South Zone and Area

Provides records for most immunizations given through Alberta Health Services (AHS) Public Health, Community Health or Travel Health Clinics.

Past immunization records and immunizations given elsewhere may or may not be available.

This may include immunizations given at:

  • a pharmacy
  • a doctor's office
  • an urgent care centre
  • an emergency department
  • a private travel clinic
  • any place outside of Alberta

Immunization records are available electronically for those age 14 years and older by registering for MyHealth Records.

For immunization records for children who are under age 14 years or do not have a MyHealth Records account, contact your local public / community health centre, pharmacist, or family doctor to request a copy or ask at their next immunization appointment.

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Contact Details

South Zone and Area

Location Info
Contact or visit your local public health centre.
Getting There

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Hours of Operation
Service hours not available.

Accessing immunization records from a public health centre:

To make a request for anyone under 18, you must be the legal guardian. You may be asked to show proof that you are the guardian. If you are over 18, you must make the request yourself.

Accessing immunization records from MyHealth Records:

Anyone age 14 years and older can register for MyHealth Records and access their immunization records.

Service Access

Contacting your local public health office

Call the number provided if you live in:

  • Calgary Zone and area
  • Edmonton Zone and area

If you live in Northern, Central or Southern Alberta, contact or visit your local public health (community health) centre.

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Wait Times

An estimated wait time will be provided at the time of appointment booking.

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