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Prenatal Education Program

Virtual and in-person prenatal and new parent classes provided by Public Health Nurses.

This service provides prenatal education in order to enhance birth outcomes and experiences for the birth persons and their families. Service delivery happens in both virtual and in-person class formats depending on parent preference. In-person classes are delivered in locations across Edmonton.
The program aims to help pregnant people and their families understand and prepare for pregnancy, labour, delivery and beyond. Prenatal Classes may be taken in several formats, from once or twice a week to weekend sessions.

Classes may include:

  • education on pregnancy concerns
  • pain management strategies
  • labour interventions
  • basic newborn care

Additional classes that families or support people can take include:

  • Infant Safety
  • Grandparent Class
  • Infant Feeding (Eat, Sleep, Poop Repeat)

Contact Details

Lois Hole Hospital for Women

10240 Kingsway Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 3V9
Hours of Operation

Messages can be left 24 hrs Monday - Friday

Class hours vary.

Service Providers May Include
registered nurses (RNs)

Pregnant / expecting persons and their families.

Referral Needed

Clients are able to self-refer. The Health for Two program offers a referral to parents so that they are aware of the option to waive fees.

Service Access

Families are able to register online for a class that is suitable to their needs. At present, limited options are available for in-person learning and so registrants may have to wait for open classes. Virtual options are more widely available and class sizes can be larger, so families generally have to wait less time for these classes. We now offer in-person classes at various locations across Edmonton.


Fees are listed on the website and are based and are based on the length of the class; fees at present are $25 - $80.

Birth and Babies

Fees can be waived by contacting the program directly and expressing a need (no proof of income is required)

Service Languages
Interpreter/Translation services
Service Locations
Also Known As
Prenatal Classes