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Alberta Cervical Cancer Screening Program

The Alberta Cervical Cancer Screening Program is a provincial screening program that works to educate and increase the number of women, aged 25 to 69, who have regular cervical cancer screening using Pap tests (a screening test that checks the cells of the cervix for abnormal changes). Pap tests together with Human Papillomavirus vaccination are the best way to prevent cervical cancer.

Services include:

  • working with healthcare providers to support women, aged 25 to 69, in getting cervical cancer screening across the province.
  • offering additional testing in Pap test samples with minor cell changes (positive low-grade results), called reflex HPV testing, to help decide what follow-up is needed.
  • providing cervical cancer screening information and education to eligible women and healthcare providers.
  • sending screening invitations, result recalls and follow-up letters to eligible women.

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Women, aged 25 to 69, who live in Alberta are eligible for regular cervical cancer screening using Pap tests every 3 years unless your healthcare provider tells you otherwise. Talk to your healthcare provider about what’s right for you.

Once a woman turns 25, she will be sent a letter to inform her that she is at an age when screening for cervical cancer is important and invite her to get screened.

Optional screening is available from age 21 to 24 based on informed patient choice.

Service Access

By appointment at your healthcare provider’s office or at a women’s health clinic. If you need a healthcare provider or want to go to a women’s health clinic:

  • Call Health Link at 811


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Also Known As
Human Papillomavirus, Pap test, Screening for Life