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Police and Crisis Team

PACT (Police and Crisis Team) is a partnership between Alberta Health Services(AHS) and Calgary Police Service(CPS that responds to situations involving individuals experiencing a mental health, addictions, or psycho-social crisis.

PACT (Police and Crisis Team) offers mental health assessment, support, and / or consultation in crisis situations from AHS and CPS. Is able to arrange urgent psychiatry assessments and referrals as needed. The main goals are:

  • divert individuals who are in crisis with mental illness and addiction issues, from the justice system and hospital emergency departments
  • assess and stabilze individuals in crisis within the community
  • connect individuals with resources and supports


PACT (Police and Crisis Team) provides:

  • a response to incidents in Calgary’s communities involving individuals and families experiencing mental health concerns, addiction or psychosocial crisis when there is a danger to themselves and / or public

  • assertive outreach out to individuals who are in frequent contact with numerous services and agencies including AHS (Alberta Health Services)  and CPS (Calgary Police Services)

  • consultation and support to various professionals or responding officers regarding the Mental Health Act of Alberta

Mobile outreach response in situations where there may be a mental health crisis and one of the following:

  • history of aggression/violence / harm to others
  • client intoxication
  • suicidal and / or homicidal ideation present
  • suspected weapons on premises, either with client or someone currently in the home
  • a threat to public safety


Service Providers May Include
police officers, psychiatric nurses, registered nurses (RNs), social workers
Service Access

Referrals are made through mental health crisis triage.

Service Locations