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Programs & Services

Child and Youth Addiction & Mental Health Services

Addiction Services offers information services, prevention programs, outpatient counselling, tobacco reduction & cessation, Youth Detox & Stabilization (YDS)and the Protection of Children Abusing Drugs (PChAD) program. Mental Health offers individual psychotherapy, child management counselling, behavior therapy, critical incident stress debriefing, post-disaster crisis counselling, and community outreach services for children.

Addiction Services for children, youth, parents and family members include:

  • Information services focused on increasing awareness
  • Prevention services offer education and community building ccapacity
  • Outpatient counselling offered in office and throughout many schools
  • Tobacco Reduction & Cessation support
  • Youth Detox & Stabilization (YDS) program
  • Protetion of Children Abusing Drugs (PChAD)

Mental Health Services provided for children with acute psychiatric or emotional disorders include:

  • consultation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment
  • individual and family support
  • behavioural therapy
  • treatment for eating disorders
  • community crisis triage including emergency consultations, risk assessments and education and promotion and collaboration with other community agencies to provide support to mutual clients
  • Regional Wellness Promoters/Suicide Prevention provides consultation, education and workshops on Wellness and Suicide Prevention

Youth Day Program offers an eight-week voluntary program for youth in grades 7-12 experiencing serious problems related to addiction and / or mental health.

Service Providers May Include
addiction counselors, mental health therapists, psychologists
Service Access

Public can call the main line to determine if this is the right service for them, or direct them accordingly.

Service Locations