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Corrections Transition Team - Mental Health

Assists inmates / offenders that have addiction and mental health concerns.

The Corrections Transition Team meets with clients in the correctional facility as well as assists with the client's transition into the community. Referrals are completed by in-center staff. The Corrections Transition Team workers also provide assistance to clients upon release with their community reintegration and stability through assistance with the linkages and resources that are in place.

Service Providers May Include
addictions counselors, mental health therapists, nurses, physicians

Available for perons 18 years of age or older with mental health, addictions and / or concurrent disorder issues that impact daily functioning and ability to access community services.

  • to the inmates on remanded or sentenced status at Peace River Correctional Centre.
  • currently incarcerated in an Alberta Provincial Remand / Correctional Centre (unlikely to get Federal time)
  • at risk for recidivism
  • voluntary participation
  • willingness to address mental health and /or addictions
  • safety and risk concerns are also evaluated
Referral Needed

Corrections Transition Team referral form (already provided to staff) needs to be completed and faxed to the local Corrections Transition Team Mental Health/Addictions office. Referrals are faxed from the Peace River Correctional Centre Health Unit.

Referral forms are provided to the Correctional Centre Health Unit Staff and Caseworkers.

Service Access

Referrals are completed by the mental health nurse, health care staff or by tin inmate's caseworker. Detained persons can request service, but a referral from health care staff or the caseworker is required.



Alberta Solicitor General; Health Care Units in the Correctional Centre; local physicians; psychiatrists

Service Locations
Also Known As
Community Transition Team