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Programs & Services

Building Blocks

Provides support, education, and assists families in achieving enhanced resilience and self-reliance in order to encourage the full potential of children and families within the community.

Building Blocks offers:

  • personalized home visits
  • assessment of child growth and development
  • information on your areas of interest, i.e. nutrition, child development, safety, health, budgeting, child-parent activities, injury prevention, smoking cessation, parenting tips and much more
  • parent support
  • service planning
  • connection to community services and organizaitons
  • parenting groups

This program will help you to understand your child’s development as well as promote positive communication and interactions between you and your child.

Service Providers May Include
registered nurses (RNs)

For caregivers of children under the age of 6 years who would like help in addressing issues related to physical and mental health, lifestyle, parenting, relationships and / or social isolation.

Service Locations