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Child Development Services

Child Development Services offers consulting services for the assessment, diagnosis and medical treatment of complex neuro-developmental issues affecting pediatric oncology survivors at the Alberta Children¿s Hospital (ACH).

The clinic works in collaboration with the Pediatric Oncology Survivor Clinic and community pediatricians to ensure that patients’ neuro-developmental needs are fully supported. Patients must have a community pediatrician in place who is actively involved in the patient’s care. The purpose of the POND clinic is not to assume primary care but to provide a consultative service to the community Pediatrician when the neurodevelopmental needs of the patient cannot be met in the community.

Child Development Services criteria and forms located on the Family Community Resource Center (FCRC).

Service Providers May Include
allied health professionals, doctors, registered nurses (RNs)

Eligibility varies by clinic/service.

Service Access

Healthcare providers should consult the Alberta Referral Directory for service referral information.

Service Locations
Also Known As
Child Development Centre