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Oncology and Sexuality, Intimacy & Survivorship Program

The OASIS (Oncology and Sexuality, Intimacy & Survivorship Support) is a sexual health program for those living with and beyond cancer.

A variety of in-person programs and services for patients (and their partners) in Calgary and Edmonton. Telehealth consultations are available to patients across the province. Patients can now get help in the privacy of their home. Topics covered include:

  • female sexuality and cancer
  • male sexuality and cancer
  • erectile dysfunction
  • vaginal health
  • lose of sexual desire
  • fertility

Workshops offered by OASIS include:

Service Providers May Include
nurse practitioners, occupational therapists (OTs), physicians, psychologists, sexual health consultants, social workers

Open to cancer patients, coupled or single, regardless of sexual orientation.

Service Locations
Also Known As
OASIS, Oncology and Sexuality, Intimacy and Survivorship Program - OASIS
Oncology And Sexuality, Intimacy & Survivorship
Oncology & Sexuality, Intimacy & Survivorship Program - OASIS