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Prenatal Program

Provides childbirth education classes, breastfeeding classes, postpartum/baby care classes and monthly hospital tours.

Services include:

  • a one day course that focuses on labour and delivery information and includes a hospital tour
  • a 2-hour evening breastfeeding class that focuses on getting breastfeeding off to a good start
  • tours of the obstetrical unit(s) are held once a month
  • a 2 hour evening postpartum & baby care class covering what to expect postpartum & baby care including coping with infant crying, newborn appearance and reflexes, baby bath demo and basic baby care
  • a 5-week series of classes that cover labour and delivery, breastfeeding, what to expect after delivery (postpartum), and caring for your newborn. Class also includes a tour of the labour delivery and post partum units

Service Providers May Include
registered nurses (RNs)
Service Access

Participants are booked into available spots in the classes. Please allow adequate time to register.

To register send email to


Please email for more information and date options to



Shared Childbirth

Service Locations
Also Known As
Childbirth Education Sturgeon Hospital, Prenatal Program Sturgeon Hospital