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Adult Bariatric Surgery Clinic

Provides clinical treatment options for adults who struggle with obesity.

This clinic provides medical, psychological, and surgical interventions for weight management and improving health. Support is provided to individuals with obesity who require complex medical management and/or surgical intervention.

The initial clinic assessment determines the patient’s specific barriers to managing their weight. The next steps involve developing an individualized care plan with the patient which may include:

  • behaviour modification
  • counseling for nutrition, physical activity, and mental health
  • drug treatment and/or bariatric surgery (surgical treatment for obesity)
  • coordinating care and transitioning the patient back to their family physician with recommendations from the clinic.

Clinic staff also assess whether bariatric surgery is an option for clinic patients. Not everyone participating in the clinic is an appropriate candidate for bariatric surgery; other treatment options may be determined to be more appropriate and successful long term. Please note, it takes several appointments and considerable time to determine eligibility for bariatric surgery.

Patients may be asked to participate in research activities.

Self-Management Resources:

Patients who have had previous bariatric surgery outside of the Edmonton Adult Bariatric Specialty Clinic, please visit:

Service Providers May Include
dietitians, doctors, occupational therapists (OTs), psychiatrists, psychologists, registered nurses (RNs), surgeons
  • Resident of Alberta
  • Non Smoker
  • Aged 17 - 64 at time of referral
  • BMI ≥ 35 kg/m2, with an obesity-related comorbidity (ex. hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, osteoarthritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, sleep apnea, depression, polycystic ovarian syndrome, cardiovascular disease)
  • BMI ≥ 40 kg/m2 with or without comorbidity
  • No severe, untreated personality disorder, active psychosis, active substance dependencies, and / or major cognitive impairment
Service Access

Healthcare providers should consult the Alberta Referral Directory for service referral information.

Service Locations
Also Known As
Edmonton Adult Bariatric Specialty Clinic, Weight Wise Adult Weight Management Clinic
Adult Bariatric Specialty Clinic, Bariatric Surgery Clinic, Obesity Clinic, Weight Wise Adult Bariatric Centre, Weight Wise Adult Clinic