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Move 'n Mingle Fall Prevention Exercise Program

Offers fall prevention and independent living exercise classes at a variety of sites throughout the city.

A group activity consisting of 45 minutes of exercise twice weekly, facilitated by a certified Older Adult fitness instructor with additional balance and falls prevention education.

The goal is to reduce falls or fall related injuries in seniors by working on core stability, postural alignment, leg strength and balance. The other focus is to help individuals remain independent by increasing flexibility, overall strength, endurance and range of motion.

Fall prevention talks are also offered each month.

Service Providers May Include
fitness instructors

Seniors age 65 and older who:

  • are at risk for falling and losing their independence
  • would not fit into mainstream programs due to income, culture, language, and/or isolation
  • are able to exercise safely and independently in a group setting

Exclusion Criteria - Participants who have:

  • unstable medical conditions
  • cognitive issues that will result in an inability to safely exercise in a group setting
  • difficulty safely standing up, maneuvering around to the back of the chair, and participating in standing exercises.
Service Access

Call to register.



City of Calgary, community sites

Service Locations