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Patrycja Kujawa
Patrycja Kujawa is an Edmonton economist, writer and mother of three. She loves spending time with her family and creating natural and wonderful things from herbs, oils and other earthy delights.
Kristy Leavitt
As part of the team at the South Health Campus in Calgary, Kristy provides one-on-one nutrition counseling to clients of the Women’s Health Clinic. Kristy is passionate about all things food and nutrition and is committed to equipping people with the knowledge and skills to create healthy lives. Kristy enjoys baking, reading, volunteering at church, traveling, and spending time with her husband Stephen and their three adorable cats.
Jackie Sargent
Jackie Sargent is a Senior Communications Advisor with the Strategic Clinical Networks. She and her husband, Terry, own an acreage west of Edmonton and keep active  with home renovations, yard work and gardening, and playing with their five dogs and two potbelly pigs.
Joanne MacQueen
Joanne MacQueen is a Professional Service Manager at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, where she has worked for the past six years. The Recreation Therapy Department is part of her portfolio. Joanne lives in Edmonton with her husband.  A Recreation Therapist by trade, she loves her leisure activities – music, travel, and walking through Edmonton’s many trails.
Jordanna Lambert
Jordanna is the Director of Patient Care, Northern Lights Regional Health Centre. She lives in Fort McMurray with her husband, son, daughter and Great Dane.
Stephanie Doucet

Stephanie Doucet is an Indigenous Liaison Worker who lives in Fort McMurray with her husband, Blair, and four dogs: Duke, Daisy, Bo and Belle.