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Frequently Asked Questions

Job Search

Q1: How often are new jobs posted?

A1: New jobs are posted as vacancies become available. Check our Job Board frequently or set up a job search agent and we will email those jobs to you!

Q2: How can I narrow down the number of results in my job search?

A2: The Keyword search can help limit the number of results you receive. By selecting Area, City/Town, Location or Job Category your search will be matched against those criteria only.

Q3: How can I search for a particular requisition?

A3: Use the Advanced Search option to search for a specific requisition number (Req#).

Q4: Why is the location I want to work at not shown?

A4: Only locations with active job postings will be visible in the search.

Q5: Why do I get no results from certain locations when searching for common job titles?

A5: In some cases, AHS locations use different terminology to describe positions. Try using different terms, or view all of that area's postings to see what terminology they are using.

Q6: There is a great opportunity available but it’s not in the area I currently live. Do you offer relocation assistance?

A6: Relocation assistance may be offered depending upon the level and type of position at management discretion. Details on our relocation offering may be requested at the time of the interview.

Job Posting Info

Q1: Why do employees need a Criminal Record Check?

A1: AHS has a legal responsibility to ensure that every person who works for AHS providing care or support services to patients/clients provides a criminal record check as indicated in the Alberta Protection for Persons in Care Act (PPCA). You can apply for a criminal record check and/or Vulnerable Sector Search at your local law enforcement office.

Important Note: Your checks must be run specifically for the role at AHS and not dated more than 90 days prior to your start date.

Q2: What does “open to qualified AHS employees only” mean?

A2: Only applicants who are currently employed by Alberta Health Services will be considered for this position.

Q3: What does FTE mean?

A3: Full Time Equivalency, or FTE, defines the position as a percentage of a full-time job.

For example if a full-time position (1.00 FTE) works 80 hours bi-weekly, a 0.50 FTE would work 40 hours bi-weekly or 50% of the full-time position. And a 0.25 FTE would work 20 hours bi-weekly or 25% of the full-time position.

Q4: What is BCLS-HCP Training?

A4: We require certain employees to be certified by a Heart & Stroke Foundation-approved course/instructor. You can learn more about BLS HCP courses and you can find training locations.

Q5: What if I didn’t do my BLS-HCP training with the Heart & Stroke Foundation?

A5: Successful completion of BLS-HCP training from organizations other than Heart & Stroke Foundation is acceptable, however, you will need to successfully complete an AHS BLS-HCP(C) renewal course within 12 months from the completion date of the current BLS-HCP training.

Q6: What are the health care regulations or licensing in Alberta?

A6: If you are a health-care professional wanting to work in our province, you need to be licensed or registered with the Alberta regulatory college for your profession. A Regulatory Colleges directory is available from Alberta Health.


Q1: How can i submit my resume?

A1: Alberta Health Services only accepts applications received through our online portal. You can easily create your resume profile online, or log into get started.

Q2: How do I apply for a job?

A2: First create your resume profile. Once you've found a job simply click ‘Submit your Resume’ and complete the application process. You must be logged in to complete this process.

Q3: What if I miss the application deadline?

A3: Late applications are not accepted. Make sure to submit your application before 11:59 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST) on the day the posting closes.

Q4: Can I use the same application for multiple job postings?

A4: No, you must apply to each job posting separately.

Q5: Can I submit my resume without applying for a specific job?

A5: No, we only accept resumes for current open job postings. Visit our Job Board regularly for a current list of job postings.

Q6: Is a cover letter required?

A6: A cover letter is optional. However, we encourage you to include a tailored cover letter that compliments and supports your resume for each job application.

Q7: Will my privacy be protected when I submit my application?

A7: AHS values and safeguards each person's right to privacy. AHS will not collect, use or disclose personal or health information in any manner that is not in keeping with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or the Health Information Act. When you submit your application, your personal information will be used for the specific purpose of recruitment and hiring.

Q8: How do I know that the manager received my resume?

A8: You will receive an on-screen confirmation acknowledging that you have successfully submitted your resume, as well as an email notification. You can also review your 'Resume Submission History' to confirm successful submission of your resume.

Technical Help

Q1: Who do I contact if I'm having technical difficulties using the application system?

A1: If your question is not answered on this page please get in touch with us.

Q2: What if I forget my username and/or password?

A2: No problem! Visit the Retrieve My Password page. Enter your email address and click 'Send'. An email will be sent to you containing your login information.

Q3: What is a resume profile?

A3: A resume profile is an online resume that you use to apply for AHS career opportunities, now and in the future. Once created, all you have to do is maintain and update your profile. Creating a resume profile gives the ability to easily apply for jobs and even be sign up to be notified about new jobs by email.

Q4: How do I set up job alerts?

A4: Log in to Career Centre then select ‘My Job Search Agents’ to choose the criteria for the jobs you are interested in. Click 'Add Search as a Job Agent' and create a name for your job search agent. You can add or delete job search agents or change your criteria at any time.

Q5: Where can I see a history of jobs that I have applied for?

A5: Log in to Career Centre then select the ’Resume Submission History’ link.

Q6: How do I find out the status of my application?

A6: Log in to Career Centre then select the ’Resume Submission History’ link. Statuses will be shown as follows: Open Internal/External, Posting Closed, Cancelled, or Filled.

Q7: How do I submit ‘My Attachments’ as part of my application?

A7: Any document you have in the ’My Attachments’ section is automatically visible to the hiring manager.

Q8: What if I need to update my resume after I have submitted it?

A8: Log in to Career Centre and select 'My Attachements'. The hiring manager will see the most updated version of your resume.

Note: Do not remove yourself from consideration to update your profile, as you cannot then re-apply to that same job.

Q9: How can I withdraw my application?

A9: Log in to Career Centre then go to ‘Resume Submission History’. You are able to delete your application to any position that has the negative symbol under 'Actions'. This option is only accessible while the job posting is open. The position will be deleted from your 'Resume Submission History' page.

Note: Once you have removed your application, you cannot re-apply to a job.

International Applicants

Q1: Do you hire internationally-educated health-care professionals?

A1: We welcome internationally-educated health-care professionals who are legally entitled to work in Canada and are licensed or registered to practice in the province of Alberta. For more information, visit our International Applicant page.

Q2: My qualifications are from another country, will you accept them?

A2: The International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQA) assesses international education credentials and compares educational standards in Canada. With an IQAS assessment, the hiring manager will be in a better position to make decisions related to international education credentials.

Important Note: There is a fee for this assessment.

Q3: What are the health care regulations or licensing in Alberta?

A3: Alberta regulates a number of health-care professions. You will need to be licensed or registered with the Alberta regulatory college for your profession. A Regulatory Colleges directory is available from Alberta Health.

Q4: Where can I get information about living in Alberta?

A4: There are many wonderful places to live in Alberta. The Communities page will direct you to the resources and information you need.

Q5: Where can I learn more about Immigrating to Canada?            

A5: Visit Canada's Citizenship and Immigration website.

Q6: How do I know if a job offer is legitimate?

A6: Please be aware that Alberta Health Services never requests fees, endorses training through third-parties or directly hires applicants without a screening process. These are not legitimate Alberta Health Services job offers and are fraudulent. Visit our Recruitment Fraud Warning Page for more information.


Q1: How long does it take to receive a response for an interview?

A1: We strive to connect with candidates within 10 business days from the requisition closing date. Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.


Q1: Are there scholarships or bursaries available to students interested in health care?

A1: Visit our Financial Aid page to find out more about the various scholarships and bursaries we offer.

Q2: Where can I learn more about the types of careers at Alberta Health Services?

A2: AHS has a large number of Career Profiles on our website. Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) also has over 550 occupational profiles to help plan your career.

Q3: How can I volunteer with Alberta Health Services?

A3: Visit our Volunteers page to learn more about the opportunities available.