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Passion for nutrition

Food is often seen as something that is common and mundane, but for me, it is something I’m passionate about in more ways than one. Not only does food play a major role in health, it also affects many people both physically and emotionally. As a registered dietitian, I am able to hear the stories of individuals and work closely with their particular needs. I teach my clients about nutrition and the impact it can have on their emotional and mental health. More often than not, those I work with do not understand the true impact of nutrition when they first come to see me.

Take my client Sarah*. She was referred to me because she gained 50 pounds within a few years and was looking for advice about how to manage a particular health condition. As a busy professional who had some challenging personal events in recent years, she was overwhelmed with the idea of weight loss – and with finding the time and energy to create new habits. Sarah and I met over six months and explored principles of healthy eating.

We discussed how to overcome barriers to changing eating habits, how to manage cravings and more. Despite ups and downs, once Sarah gained a solid understanding of what ‘healthy eating’ really looks like, she was able to lose the majority of the weight and, more importantly, felt wonderful physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sarah discovered that food is meant to be enjoyed and used to fuel our bodies rather than be guilt-inducing, and that ‘healthy eating’ actually isn’t as complicated or time-consuming as it is sometimes made out to be.

Emotions play a big role in eating habits. When food cravings occur, take 30 seconds to explore the reason “Why do I actually want this?” using the acronym “HALT”. “H” stands for hungry, “A” stands for angry or anxious, “L” is for lonely (I also put ‘upset’ and ‘bored’ here), and “T” is for tired or thirsty.

Start with one or two changes and set goals for yourself. Healthy eating - and better health -  are worth the time and energy! What are some healthy eating changes can see doing for a lifetime?