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A Garden for Every Body

Gardening is good for you, it’s a proven stress reliever, it provides mental clarity, it is an excellent source of fresh produce, and it can serve as a great form of exercise.
If you already love to garden, keep your hands in the dirt and share your knowledge and enthusiasm with others.  But perhaps you haven’t yet discovered your green thumb. Gardening is a hobby that’s incredibly broad and can offer something for everyone. 

- Are you an avid reader?  You might really enjoy researching the bounty in seed catalogues.
- A hands-on individual might get satisfaction out of building a raised flower bed.
- A community activist might appreciate the camaraderie of a community garden or the idea of planting food for the purpose of donating to a local food bank.
- With endless opportunities to be creative, a garden can offer an artistic soul a chance to be expressive.
- Do you have a passion for the environment? Gardening would suit you perfectly.
- If you have a family with competitive spirit, they might be convinced to get digging with you if challenge to grow the biggest pumpkin, tallest sunflower, or most bountiful potato hill.
- Parents, use gardening to connect with your kids. Growing together is a great way to engage in a fun and healthy activity while teaching important lessons about nature, science, nutrition, physical activity and responsibility.

Whether it be a few small pots on the front step or several acres, planting and tending a garden has significant physical and mental health benefits. Making this hobby suit your personality may take some creative thinking but the payoff is huge and can last a lifetime.

Check out the Alberta Horticultural Association online for information about gardening across Alberta.